Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another fun day at Snow Valley! Same group as last time, plus Missy. Once again, the weather was perfect: it was sunny, but not hot. Also, the snow, for the most part, was soft and powdery.

The good: No pain! So far, that is. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I actually got off the lifts fine. I was carving again. Also, I only had very few, minor falls. No bruises! I tried to do a jump a few times, and although I wasn't all that successful doing so, I came very close. Next time, bitch. Next time. Special thanks to Tommy for agreeing to cover my shift and Alex's mom for feeding us dinner.

The bad: road closure, and having to take a very long, windy road. Also, my snowboard fell on concrete and now it's scuffed on one side!

The bummer: I have to do schoolwork now, dammit.


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