Friday, May 27, 2005

Finally done with the semester from hell. Finals were okay, except for women' s studies, but that was expected. The other two were okay. I can't remember anymore the contents of them, but I remember a lot of Star Wars references on the multiple choice questions for Comm 346. My professor? Total geek!

Anyway, the NewsRadio season 1-2 DVDs are finally out! Yay! Perfect timing, too. I'm going to need it to make up for the sucky time I'll have at work on June. Closing sucks. Bleh.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I've been in a really weird funk lately. Other than hating everything school-related with the fire of a thousand suns and just plain being disinterested with work, I've been really homesick for Pinas. That's nothing new, really, but it's been happening more and more frequently.

Today, I was at Wal-mart buying supplies for you-know-what, and there was this little old lady looking at facial products. I just stared at her for a bit because she reminded me of Mamang in Pinas. She caught me looking, and she approached me and started talking in Vietnamese. I told her I didn't understand, and she just kind of slumped back and walked away. I felt bad because she might have needed something and I couldn't help. Then I spent the rest of the morning thinking about Mamang. I really, really miss her. I would gladly take getting spanked with a broom for being makulit if she could live with us again. I was really close to crying.

And that's another thing. I cry over everything now, which is embarrassing. I was watching Battle Royale, which is the most violent movie ever, and I cried. Several times. In the living room, in front of my mom. I cried several times reading Wicked, and also while listening to the cast recording of the musical. And even though I listen to it over and over, Eponine's death, as heard on on the Les Miz soundtrack, is just sadder now than before.

Gosh, what's hapenning to me? Ate Karen cries all the time too, but she's in a relationship and is therefore very sappy. Me? I'm as single as single gets. No reason to be sappy, not PMS, not anything.

I shall endeavor to stop this, because it's really getting ridiculous. And sad. So sad, I can cry. I probably would, actually. Ew, must stop!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Joes said "did my doodies" on his blog. Haha! I'm adopting that. I'll be my English version for "jebs."

Gotta get back to my paper...