Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Saturday. Got my wisdom teeth taken out after much convincing from the parents and nearly-crying on my part. The procedure itself wasn't that bad. In fact, I enjoyed the laughing gas they gave me to calm me down -- perhaps a little too much, actually. It was like being drunk, but without getting sick or getting hives. I want one in my room! Anyway, the aftermath sucked. I had bloody gauze in my mouth for the rest of the day. I couldn't eat anything (it was nice of my parents to leave us a table full of food that I couldn't eat, by the way) and I wasn't allowed to brush my teeth, rinse my mouth or spit for 24 hours. And I had to cancel all my plans that night. So yeah. That was a good day.

Sunday. Called in sick partly because I was still in pain and my mom said no, but mainly because I couldn't brush my teeth until later that day. And I am not going to work with nastiness in my mouth! The air circulation in the trailer is bad enough, and think of what my morning meetings will be like!

Monday. Work was blah and everyone scared me with stories of infection and food particles getting into the sockets over which the wound will close. Mouth still ached. And I threw a hissyfit when my mom suggested we buy carne asada burritos for dinner. My words to her: "I can't eat that remember! I can't eat anything because the food is gonna get into my sockets and I'm gonna get an infection and I won't be able to go to Vegas!" Blah blah blah tears tears. Hissyfit lasted for three hours. I blame hunger and girly problems.

Today. Day off! Nuff said.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Something that's been bothering me since I finished reading* a local Pinoy newspaper, about 30 minutes ago:

"Jueteng." Silly word, but what is it and what does it mean?

(*okay, not really read read. But I read the lead on the article about "jueteng," skimmed through the headlines, made fun of generic-looking Pinoy celebs, looked for cheap vacation packages to Boracay, and calculated the amount of money I have now in pesos to make me feel better about how broke I am.)