Sunday, June 17, 2007

I am bored and want to go snowboarding.

My month-long vacation is coming to a close; work starts back up in a couple of days. I had a wonderful time in the Philippines, and things lately have been pretty darn awesome as well. Bonfire, dimsum and kayaking were good times. Hey, my arms didn't hurt this time around! Vegas was an interesting trip, but the most interesting part of it was thankfully short-lived.

Good times all around!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gah! How is it that I am experiencing jet lag now, after a long flight during which I slept 7 hours, and not when I first arrived in the Philippines, when I barely slept on the plane at all?

I guess this could also be not jet lag. I did sleep until almost 4 this afternoon. Or I can blame excitement (yay!).

Anyway. I'm starting to miss elements of Pinas. I just did some laundry, making me miss other people doing my laundry. I did not miss, however, the fact that you have to wait a couple of days at least to get your clothes back. But how well they were ironed! I miss fresh mango fruit, mango juice and mango shake. I had so much of the stuff my jebs started smelling of it. Though I do not miss being woken up early, I miss eating actual breakfast, and not cereal or instant oatmeal. I miss not driving, but I do not miss Manila traffic, Manila roads or Manila pollution. I miss the chocolate crinkles I never got to have, the siniguelas I had half-a-kilo of in Bohol, Lechon Cebu, tapsilog and longsilog, crispy pata, Dumaluan Beach Club's shrimp sinigang, and Potato Corner fries. I miss everyone who's been so hospitable.

To the Anaretas, the barkada, the Macabuhays in Antipolo and Albarracins in Mindoro, to Kuya Whatshisname in Cebu and Manong Whatshisface in Bohol, all the titos and titas, thanks for making it a fun, worthwhile trip. See you guys in a couple of years!

P.S. Hoy, Lui! Pictures!