Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On the upside: New York is but 3 weeks away! Ate Karen finally (finally!) found The Wedding Dress. I am going back to my yoga routine on Monday. I am getting a massage on Saturday.

On the downside: Aw,
Brad Renfro. Say hi to Jonathan Brandis for me in Tiger Beat heaven.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The thing about Order of the Phoenix for the Wii is it's hard to play for more than an hour at a time as my right arm gets tired after a while performing spells. Incendio, the newest one learned, is quite a difficult one, though not as confusing as wingardium leviosa. I like reparo/expelliarmus because it makes the controller rumble, and stupefy is just plain cool. I haven't gotten too far in the game yet; I've been too busy running around fixing and moving things around.

Wii Sports' tennis continues to be awesome (though I do miss the professional level I've reached in Tommy's game), but my current favorite is baseball -- it's just like going to the batting cages, but indoors where it's warm, and I hit every single time!

That said, I like to spend most of my time in the weather channel, feeling grateful for living in California and spinning the world around as fast as I can. Hm.

Muchas gracias, Tomas. Aylabyu!