Thursday, April 28, 2005

So I didn't go to yoga again this morning. Why? Because people are stupid drivers!

I was stuck on the 22 freeway for a freaken hour when normally under heavy traffic it would only take 20 minutes tops and the cause of the hold-up? there's a fucking puddle of water on the road a puddle goddammit it was barely half a feet deep and only covers two lanes and people in their huge SUVs seem to have trouble driving through it it wasn't like it that part of the road was blocked or anything but people still skirted around it even though it wouldn't even reach the top of their tires to drive through it and i don't mean to sound like a cranky old person reminiscing about the good old days here but when we lived in the Philippines it rained all the time and certain parts of our subdivision as well as the part of the highway right outside the gates flooded all the time and people didn't hesitate to drive through it even if its waist-deep and we would even ride our bikes through it and nothing bad ever happened to us and here are these people afraid to drive fancy SUVs through a 5-inch puddle of water because god forbid it would destroy their precious clunker and these people are idiots and i want to stab them for making me miss yoga and so i wasn't able to de-stress this morning so i was in a fucking bad mood all day and it's all their fault!!!!!!! Die assholes die!!!!!!!!

Things to do for these last three weeks of the semester:

  • 10-page paper for Comm 446: analyze a tv or movie and how it affects society and how society affects it. The good news is that I've chosen a movie (Monty Python and the Holy Grail). The bad news is it's due next week, and that's pretty much all I've done. I fart in this paper's general direction!
  • 10-page paper for Comm 346: pick a topic that's been discussed in class and write about it. I haven't done anything about this at all. My topic is glocalization of tv shows, but because my tv watching has been decreased to oh, about one hour a week, if I get to watch at all, I have no idea what's going on in the industry.
  • Press kit for Comm 362. I need a news release for the SCUDL banquet that is good enough for a major metropolitan paper, a fact sheet and flyer, and some sort of business letter asking for sponsorship or donation.
  • A biographical report on Betty Friedan and a response paper for Women's Studies.
  • Senior honors project proposal -- and I don't even have a damn mentor yet.
  • Some kind of progress report for yoga.
  • Plus, other miscellaneous stuff and finals.

If I make it through the semester without breaking down and crying, I'm throwing a party. But for the time being, if anyone has any spare boxes of unused kleenex, send it my way. I'm probably going to need it.

Monday, April 25, 2005

I have nothing to say, really. Just that I have itchy, red welts all over my torso and they're crazy annoying. I am never drinking again, most especially not at work.

Anyway, I'm stealing this questionnaire thingy from Don, because I need something to do while I think of a new topic for my PSA.

First name: Kristine
Middle name: Albarracin
Birthday: Feb. 6, 1984
What city were you born in? Quezon City, Phils.
Where do you live? Westminster
Eye color: Dark brown
hairstyle: Shoulder-length and layered, currently in a ponytail
current color of hair: black
height: 5'4"
typical mood: Pissed, or bored. Sometimes, those two go hand-in-hand.
describe yourself in 3 words: Easy-going, laid-back, procrastinator

siblings: Ate Karen, Klarisse, Mac


Dream job: The fun kind that pays a lot for minimal effort
Job you think you'll end up doing: Contact center lead
What age do you want to get married? Late 20s, early 30s
Describe the wedding you want to have: short and sweet
Honeymoon: somewhere quiet and relaxing and private
Any kids? How many? i'm currently not too fond of the little buggers


Language: Tagalog
Number? 9
Food? Sisig
Candy? kit-kats
City? Antipolo
Car? anything but the one i'm driving now
Band/singer(s): Tina Arena, my sentimental favorite
Type of music? anything but country and rap/hip-hop
Movie: Moulin Rouge
Color: Red
Article of clothing you own: my really comfy sweater
Pair of shoes you own: black jack purcells
book: I'm really liking "wicked" right now
animal? dogs
Word? the many variations of the f-word
Scent? the smell of clean things
Sexual position? adho mukha virasana..heh
Type of kiss? short and sweet?
Beverage? Water
Memory: Tahoe this year
Quote? "I like you, just as you are." -Colin Firth, as Mark Darcy, on Bridget Jones' Diary

Do You...

Have a specific "type": maginoo, pero medyo bastos
Still have feelings for someone from your past? no
Think you're bitchy/dickish? totally!
Think you're talkative? sometimes
Consider yourself tough? i'm a weakling
Think you're a flirt? don't think so
Consider yourself shy? yup
Exercise? i'm taking yoga right now
Believe in fate? when it works on my favor
Believe in karma? (see above)
Believe in true love? oui
Collect anything? money
Drive? If so, what kind of car do you have? yes, a crappy mazda monster van
Work? where? Orange County Performing Arts Center
Have a boy/girlfriend? no
Believe in ghosts? no
Enjoy sex? n/a
Foreplay? n/a
Smoke? nope
Drink? i'm starting to regret doing so
Drugs? just say no


concert:Bobby Rodriguez. Does that count?
kiss you had? boo
sex? boo
sickness you had? a headache a couple of days ago
time you laughed? earlier today, while watching "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
time you cried? even earlier today, when reading "wicked"
relationship? never had one
time you sang? on the way home from work
went on a date? never been to one.
stayed the night at someone's house? i can't remember when I last slept over at Irvine
phone conversation with? Ate Karen
thought about? "I'm so itchy!"
clothes you're wearing: pj's
do you miss anyone? yup
song are you listening to? Beck
do you have feelings for anyone? no
last thing you wanna say: I'm so itchy!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Today marks the seventh anniversary of our residence here in the U.S. I guess the string of homesickness I've been having lately have been leading to this day, so now I'm sort of sad because it's been so long since I've been there and seen everybody, but also kind of happy because after seven years, life is good and blah, blah, blah fortunecookiesayingscakes.

I'm celebrating by sitting my ass in front of the computer doing crap, while wearing a Boracay shirt and my sarong from Davao (it's new and I haven't had the chance to wear it as it is intended to be worn yet so practice muna...yeah, I'm a dork...shuttup!), and listening to OPM on my IPod. I'm currently on my 23rd run of Parokya ni Edgar's "Harana" -- an all-time high. Actually, I've been really obsessed with that song lately. Ew, I hope that's not an indication for something.

Anyway, miss ko na kayo, pipol! Mwah!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Since I have today off, I figured I'd try to be a good communications student and keep up to date with what's happening in the industry, so I surfed on over to IMDB. Apparently, Britney Spears and her nasty husband will be starring in their own reality show that "tells the story of their courtship, engagement and wedding." It will air on UPN and will consist of home video footage of themselves interspersed with comments, a la "The Real World" and just about any other reality show.

First of all, that's a stupid idea. Secondly, UPN? Are they serious? Why not MTV or VH1? Are they so egotistic that they think they can actually bring in viewers to UPN, the official network for crappy shows nobody watches? Or are they being forced to do this so they chose UPN to soften the blow, because at least no one would see it? Actually, maybe they wanted a ghetto network to match their own ghetto-ness. I choose the latter. Anyway, I can't wait to watch it. It's gonna be a trainwreck!

I also thought I'd watch some TV, for a change. On American Idol, Ryan Seacrest announced that former winner Ruben Studdard and former loser Kimberly Caldwell were in the audience, and that also, they are guest starring on Fox's new show, Life on a Stick, up next, so please watch it! And I did. It sucks. I think my IQ score just went down a point.

Monday, April 04, 2005

I just read an autobiographical essay that my brother wrote. Apparently, one of his earliest memories was playing with our dog, Tiny, which made me smile. I miss Tiny; she was my favorite pet.

Then, Mac talked about Tiny's death. I remember that day very clearly:

Jan. 31, 1996. I was in Grade 6 at Bridget, it was the last day of sportsfest, so that was fun. When we got home, Tiny was there by the gate. She was jumping up and down, so I patted her head and went inside the house. I didn't really want to play with her at that time because she kinda smelled. She was scratching at the screen door to get in. Normally, she would've just opened it with her teeth, but mamang locked it to keep her out. It's better than her getting chased around with a broom, I guess.

Anyway, I went to my room, read the third book on R.L. Stein's Fear Street Saga (At least I think it was the third book. It was the one with the family where one person bashed his/her sibling over the head with a shovel and buried him/her alive out of jealousy), and ate sampaloc. It was getting dark, but it wasn't 6 yet. Ella, our cousin, came running into my room and told me Tiny got hit by a truck. She had followed Kandy out to Walk-In, and on the way, started barking at the aforementioned truck. Fucking Bastard Truck Driver got mad and intentionally hit Tiny. I didn't think it was serious at that time, so I was all "Lumabas ka nga dito, I'm reading!" Later on, she came in again to report that Tiny died.

We all cried. Hard. Ate Karen went in to comfort me and I tried to pass off the crying as a result of the book that I was reading. I wanted to hunt down Fucking Bastard Truck Driver and run over him with his own truck. One of my uncles was a cop, and I seriously contemplated reporting the murder to him to get the guy arrested. It was a dark, dark day.

We had other dogs after Tiny, but no one really lived for as long as she did, which was one year. Yeah, we have bad luck with pets.

Whatever. This is sad and stupid and I'm just procrastinating, anyway. I have to go study, dammit. I'm going to die in school tomorrow, I might just have to call in sick again.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I don't mean to sound like a bitch or anything, but as sad as I am about the pope's death, I'm kind of proud of myself because I totally called it!

Earlier this year, Mai and I were talking about this summer's Germany trip that I won't be able to make. She wanted to go especially to see the pope at the World Youth Day convention.

Me: But isn't he really old and sickly? Are you sure he's even going to last that long?
Her: Don't say that! Knock on wood!

Because there's no wood in the vicinity, we ended up knocking on my car's interior panel. But yeah. I was right. And now, because I'm going to hell already anyway, to make it worse, God is going to dig a deeper, hotter hell, where he's going to make me stay for eternity with Hilary Duff, her fugly sister and John Travolta.

R.I.P Pope John Paul II.