Sunday, February 26, 2006

24 days of school left and counting. Nine more paychecks before the cross-country road trip. June seems so far away!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Augh! One day later and my entire body hurts!

Monday, February 20, 2006

I finally went snowboarding again after a month. Yay! Second time at Snow Valley with Sandy, Alex and, this time around, Don. It was fun.

The good: I carved! And I can do it continuously. It helped that the resort actually had good, real snow this time around, and that there weren't very many people. I had a hard time doing it towards the end of the day though, because I was tired and there were more people around me. Although I'm pretty good at avoiding people, I don't trust anybody to do the same with me.

One of the times we were going down on the freestyle slope, some guy kept telling me to go really fast and go over the jump. Hell no! No broken anything for me 'til after Tahoe, thank you very much! But I tried it in the next round and it was pretty awesome. I went straight down (carving!) and didn't fall until some kid got in my way.

The bad: I seem to have lost my ability to get off the lift. Or maybe Snow Valley just had retarded lifts. I was also pretty tired and hungry, having gotten very little sleep the night before and no breakfast, so I couldn't do as many runs as I wanted to.

Also, on what I was hoping would be my last run, they had some sort of malfunction with the lift so we just boarded down to the bottom and went home. Oh well, I was happy.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of my new board, and my new boots are freakin' awesome. So comfortable!

Can't wait for next time. Joes, get better already so we can go to Snow Summit. And Tahoe Part Two is just a couple of months away.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I went to a Vietnamese thingy tonight at USC. It's a very pretty campus. No comment on the event.

Wait, actually, they had a rock band on during the opening that was pretty good. The keyboard guy was tall, thin and curly-haired. I thought he looked familiar. Then, one of the guys introduced him as John Daley. And then it clicked.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The fact that it's the third week of the semester and I'm already behind in my studies, counting down the days 'til the end, excitedly planning a summer vacation, feeling like it's the end of March, and thinking that spring break is right around the corner can't be a good sign for what's to come in the next three months. This is bad senioritis. And that's all I have to say about this topic. I'd rather not talk about school because I don't know what's going on anymore. Oh and shit, I just remembered I still have to take the EWP exam. Fucker.

Tonight was fun. Same old stuff with same old people: closing shift at work, Nickel Nickel, and really late dinner. This time around, we got a bit hooked on whack-a-gator. We came really close to beating the high score. Just one more point, dammit! Biggest accomplishment of the night was completing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game with Don. Woo!

GET WELL SOON, JOES! You have one month to completely get better. Apparently, according to my yoga class, if you practice "good" breathing, it allows all sorts of good stuff occur in your body to make you feel better, like relieve stress, increase metabolism, enhance immune system, and speed up healing. Or something to that effect. Also, thanks for the awesome bindings! Aylabit!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

PAYDAY!!! At last! I missed you!

I just checked my bank account and my paycheck is a bit bigger than usual, which makes me happy. There's still so much crap to pay for, though, so I'm sure it'll all be gone in a week. Stupid tuition, gas and food. Not to mention, my fucking speeding ticket!!! I apparently HAVE to show up to court in San Bernardino at 8 in the fucking morning on March 1, a Wednesday -- the day when I am at school from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fuck that! I was talking to a cop on campus, and he said if I didn't show up, they may issue a warrant so the next time I get pulled over (in about a year? this seems like an annual thing for me) I can get arrested for up to three months. So I got to thinking, if I get arrested for three months, can you imagine the break that would give me? No school, no work, no responsibilities. I can de-stress and just practice yoga in my cell.

But anyway, my friends said they'd be willing to go to court with me and help me plead my case. They also said they'd be willing to split the cost of the ticket with me. As much as I'd love for them to do this, I feel terrible because I was the one who was driving. I don't want to waste their time and money when everything is all my fault. Maybe I'll just go to jail, then. Or live in Chicago or New York, where I won't have to drive. Or run away to Pinas.

Gah! Life's a bitch.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who am I?

I'm Jean Valjean!

(No, really.) Some people may see me as a little sanctimonious, but though I care deeply about doing right, I'm not above a little skulduggery in a good cause. Being in touch with my spiritual side doesn't make me an easy target... on the contrary, in fact.

Which Les Miserables Character Are You?


(If you are reading this post in a normal way, as opposed singing it out the Broadway musical-way, I hate you. If you are singing it, however, you are a dork. Join the club.)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yay! Who wants to go with me?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Work today was fun. The theater was dark, everyone was cool, Joanna finished everything that needed to be done before I even came in at noon. Still, I was kept busy. The fruits of my labor:

Paper cranes!