Wednesday, September 29, 2004


DSL is loooovely! Aside from finally being able to watch clear and continuously-streaming music videos on Launch, I managed to download the two "controversial", un-aired by The-N Degrassi :TNG episodes, where Manny finds out she's pregnant and gets an abortion. Even better is the fact that it took me under 5 minutes to download the first full episode. Okay, so the quality isn't all that clear. That's not DSL's fault, though; I think the TV from which the eps were recorded was just blurry and static-y.

I'm currently downloading the second episode, and it's pretty much done now (15 seconds left). Gotta go!

Thursday, September 23, 2004


It's sad that today was only the second time I actually went swimming this summer (Is it still summer, anyway? The weather indicates so, but I'm not sure if it's official). Considering all the hoopla I made about wanting a tan and all the money I spent buying swimsuits, I guess it all went to waste.

It has finally happened. I've become the type of student I hate. I speak up in class, offer my opinions, and try to steer the conversation into a topic I know about and can spit out more opinions on. But only in my World Cinema class, though. Y'see, no one -- save for a couple of guys -- really speaks up in that class. And as I sit next to one of those guys, during moments of silence when the professor waits/desperately hopes for someone to say something, I feel pressured to at least contribute a thought and keep the class moving. It may not be at all connected to what was just being discussed, because I don't usually pay attention; however, I say it anyway because participating in class discussions makes 6:45 p.m. come faster. I've embarassed myself in that class many times since I never really know what I'm talking about, all for the sake of 6:45.

Anyway, my first paper is due in a couple of weeks, so we'll see what kind of humiliation I will experience then. In the meantime, y'all should watch Tokyo Story, by some Japanese director (Ozu, or something). It's saaaaad! I cried. It made me want Mamang.

Ugh, I succumbed and started reading fucking spoilers again. Apparently, something stupid to will happen to some loser character on ER, and it totally sucks. Of course, this is totally no surprise, but I was really hoping that Nurse Velma from Freaks and Geeks and her devil spawn will remain gone. I don't mind nurse so much, but spawn? Yuck! Oh well, at least we're finally getting a new episode tonight.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

All the little people

An update in The Game In Which I Am God: SimClay died yesterday. He was electrocuted when he was repairing the TV that SimRuben broke. So that's two fake people down, three to go.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Cue theme music

Today was the first time all summer that I actually didn't miss a show I wanted to watch, and it was great, as are most Everwood episodes (spot the fangirl!). Liked the brand new opening credits. Loved the new bickering couple that is Drs. Abbott and Brown. Loved Delia and want to be her when I grow up. Didn't love Ephram's new haircut. Missed Linda, and though I might be the only one, I missed Madison, too. I liked her, just not with Ephram. I'd like to know how The Drama of the Wedlock Baby would unfold, as well, as long as it wouldn't overpower the rest of the show, like what happened with ER last season.

Speaking of ER, word on the streets is Noah Wyle is leaving. This can only be good news, as Carter's become a bloated caricature of his old self. TBTP's squeezed out all they can from him, and now only shit and nasty, smelly fart come out. Hopefully, this will make more room for the existing still-interesting characters. More Neela, Kerry, Susan, and non-superhero Luka. Bring back Gallant, too. I have a feeling his new show will get canceled, anyway.

Another thing I'm looking forward to: The Sims 2! Yay! Is it the 17th yet? I created an American Idol house the other day, with all the winners and runners-up (runner-ups?), except for Diana DeGarmo. I sorta forgot about her. Anyway, I completely forgot to put any personality in them at all, so they're complete jackasses. The only things they would do to interact with other people are talk and insult. You'd have to actually make them talk. Autonomously, all they'd do is insult. Sometimes, they'd even go as far as to brag or tease or scare. My Clay and Fantasia people ended up hating each other so much that they started attacking each other. After about 3 or 4 fights, Fantasia ended up leaving. I was hoping Clay would lose, because Fantasia had a good job and is the best cook in the house. Um, yeah. It's completely stupid. But it's like crack, except not a health hazard. The Sims: It's My Anti-Drug. Hee!

I had a bit of trouble with the hair trimmer thing that Ate Karen gave me the other day. I won't elaborate much, but basically, it means I'd have to pencil in my eyebrows a little bit for the next couple of weeks. I won't take a picture. It's too embarassing and ghetto.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

It's fucking hot!

The most interesting that happened in this most boring day was the growling of the stomach of one of my classmates in American Studies. I'm not sure who it is -- I suspect it was either the Filipino guy in front of me or the German guy next to him -- and it doesn't really matter. What matters is the volume of it. Seriously, it was so loud it was like there was a dying boar inside the classroom. It was clear and distinct and the professor actually paused mid-lecture (a welcome pause; the topic was boring) to look around to see what it was. It was louder and much worse than when your cellphone goes off during class. I couldn't imagine how embarassing that was for him (or her), and I totally would've loved to see his (or her) face when it happened. Would've been funny! I can only imagine what kind of abuse that person's stomach suffered through in order to complain like that.

I also failed terribly my first anthropology quiz this semester. It was totally my fault, too. It's not like I didn't know there was a quiz or I didn't have the book or notes, or anything. I just didn't want to study for such a dull subject. After the quiz, we had a lecture on something science-y that I didn't particularly care about when I first learned about it in high school and still don't give a rat's ass about. Ew.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The second week of school is over, and I'm finally actually learning. Take my comm class, for example. Today, our professor showed us a handful of websites that might be useful in writing articles, doing research, and other things. And from perusing one of those sites, I found out that sex offenders live among us. In our city. Here, in Westminster. There's a bunch of areas marked "Serious Sex Offender" and one that says "High Risk Sex Offender." And because crazy neighbors abound in our neighborhood, I was wondering if maybe one of them is it. Someday, when I have the time, I'd just have to get all Starsky and Hutch and find out for myself.

Unfortunately, unlike some classmates who found records of their estranged parents, I couldn't find our family or potential long-lost relatives in the people-finder site, but I did find my cousin, Ate Sharon, in the site about registered nurses. That was fun.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

At least I don't have to walk too far

I have got to start remembering where I park my car. Today was the third time I lost it this semester, and with only two weeks in -- which accounts for 7 days of school -- that's just stupid. Especially considering the fact that I've parked at College Park twice. So that's 5 times I've parked in the main campus. However, two of those were at the structure, so technically, everytime I've parked at Lot E -- the lot I've parked at every day I'm in school for the past 2 years -- I get lost. That's bad. I'm getting old.

(Thus ends the most useless post ever. Then again, what isn't?)