Sunday, October 30, 2005

Can someone please tell me why there needs to be FIVE Starbucks all within three minutes of our house? Not even McDonald's is that prominent. This is so frustrating and completely useless! Just like the new road construction at the Westminster/Golden West intersection. What sort of improvement would be so important as to make shutting down two lanes in the middle of a busy street necessary? To build an island to plant nature on to beautify the city? Fuck that noise! I'll cut down their trees and shove them up their butts! Eff you, Mayor Margie Rice, effff youuuu!!!

Also, as of this moment, there are currently three pages worth of posts in the ER thread at Television Without Pity that are completely made up of black bars. Meaning, three pages of spoilers! Juicy, juicy spoilers, by the looks of it. I've been almost spoiler free for almost two years, but I'm so tempted to just highlight and read it all! I fear I might fall off the wagon soon. Where is an ER Spoilers Anonymous support group when you need one?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my future baby.

I'm really not the type to buy into these corporate money-making schemes. And I certainly don't like to buy into the hype! I've been saying forever that I don't need or want these video iPods because it's completely unnecessary. The reason I have an iPod is so I could listen to music in the car or drown out the rest of the world while out walking in public. I can't watch anything while driving and I would look stupid doing so while walking (not to mention, safety hazard!). But dammit, I totally really really want this! It's so awesome and thin and cool!

One thing I will never ever do, though, is download show episodes from iTunes. Why pay $1.99 if I can watch it for free on TV? Unless, of course, they put up episodes of NewsRadio or Cupid or GoodER or Arrested Development. Only then will I change my mind.

What would I do with my mini, though? My little one has been so loyal and ever-present this past year. I feel like I'm betraying it just by having these thoughts.

On the plus side, I don't need the Motorola Rockr phone anymore!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

New plan:

I finally decided to read all the fine print in my class catalog and degree audit, and it looks like I have a lot more classes that I have to take than I thought. I've decided, therefore, to push back graduation after summer (or fall, if need be), so I don't have to take so many classes, plus work, plus do an internship in one semester, thereby avoiding turning into an even bigger BitchMonster than I am now. So: I'll take a couple of classes during intersession, then spring semester, then do my internship in the summer. Who knows? Maybe I can even do it abroad. And if I do it in Pinas, well, that's two birds with one stone (and it's cheaper because I can just freeload off of friends and family. Filipinos, they are hospitable people.)!

Good plan.

Hee! I think I totally want this shirt. Aside from it being a Les Miz merchandise, it's also Oscar Bluth's prison inmate number on Arrested Development. That is, according to his blog,
I'm Oscar. Dot Com!

Our preliminary business plan presentation went better than I expected today. Don't get me wrong, it was still total crap, but I wasn't drilled as much by the professor because I was smart enough to just keep saying "ok, I'll work on that" everytime he commented on all of my section's shortcomings. And believe me, there were tons of them. He practically told me everything I have to do next time, so for that, I am thankful. My other groupmates, unfortunately, did not fare so well. They got really defensive when he questioned their work, which made him question them even more, so we had to stand up in front of the class for a longer time than necessary.

And I actually did well on my Comm Law test. The rest of the class did badly, so the grading system was heavily curved. I ended up getting an A! Yay! I have amazing guessing skillz, yo!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Arrgh! Motherfucker!!! I don't want to do any more research on the day-to-day operations of a fucking cable network for a fucking business plan! Most especially NOT for a stupid REALITY cable network! This sucks!

I think I made a huge mistake registering for classes this semester. I have one class that I actually like. The fake cable network class is okay. I have yet to fall asleep in class and I actually do not dread attending the sessions. It's just the stupid business plan that's turning me off. But Programming in TV, Radio and the Internet? That class showed so much promise on paper! I thought it was going to be interesting and informative, but all we do in class is talk about TV shows that I have never seen and will never watch. And then the professor tells us we have a mid-term and lists of a bunch of topics we've never even discussed! Besides, his big, giant crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt? Totally skeevy! Then there's Communications Law. The only redeeming feature of that class is that I get to do the sudoku puzzles I'm not allowed to work on at OCPAC anymore.

This semester is a complete waste of time and $1500+.

I'm just so, so tired!