Monday, November 29, 2004

Awwww! I'm all a-smile, and feeling warm and fuzzy inside tonight. I watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason with Kandy. It was cute and romantic and funny. It was frustrating at times, sad in others, they changed it a lot, but overall, it was v. good. Some comments:
  • Colin Firth! 'Nuff said.
  • The shot-by-shot similarity of the opening sequence of this and the first movie is jarring, but kinda cool.
  • "The hills are alive, with the sound of music..." Hehe!
  • They took out the funny phone conversations with Magda. "Hi, Bridget. I just called to say... in the potty! I said in the potty! Fine, do it on daddy's hand, then!"
  • But at least they had Magda in it. And she's hanging out with Bridget, Jude, Shazzer, and Tom.
  • Except, there's not enough of them.
  • Rebecca went from the conniving, rich-bitch jellyfish on the book to nice, too-friendly lesbian in the movie. She was kinda funny, though.
  • No crazy Christmas cards written in drunken stupor. Actually, come to think of it, I don't think Bridget got drunk at all in the movie. But the magic mushrooms made up for it.
  • No interview by Bridget with the real Colin Firth in Rome.
  • The Mark Darcy vs Daniel Cleaver fight was hilarious!
  • Bridget and Mark walking off together by the little church in the end was so sweet!
  • Colin Firth again. Swoon.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I realize I'm past due for a new post, because lots of significant things have happened. Well, significant in that it's not too boring and it actually pertains to my life. For the first time in a while, I won't be writing about something I've seen on TV that totally piqued my snark.

Anyway. Illinois last weekend was fun. I went with Ate Sharon and her friend, Ate Quennie. The weather wasn't to my liking so much, because I like my shirts and did not like covering them up with sweaters. And also, it hindered my movements to just jumping up and down, and shivering to keep warm. Also, the constant drizzle frizzed up my ironed hair. But beyond vanity, we saw most of the touristy destinations and the city was really cool. I'd like to go back there again, but in the spring, hopefully. Champaign is a really pretty city, too. It was nice seeing Ate Laarni, Kuya Whet, and Isaac again, and their friends and relatives were awesome. What a hospitable bunch! Great cooks, as well. Heh. I'd post the pictures that were sent to me once I figure out how.

Right after I came back from my short vacation, I started my new position as Lead at work. Monday also marked the first day of my pay raise. Yess! I kinda miss being on the phones because that's where most of the fun was, but I think I'll come to like being Lead once I get used to it.

I had a really weird dream last night. It took place at our house in Kingsville, because we supposedly were staying there while on vacation in Pinas. Loren, Kaka, Tin, and Louie were all there. The house hasn't been lived-in for so long that it was infested with crawlies. And because of that, I was trying to catch a "cockroach" which for some reason looked like a small lobster. Uh, yeah. Interpret that!

In the dream, we also went shopping at Sta. Lucia and had a run-in with a bunch of obnoxious girls who kept saying "That is so 'ra!" which was supposed to be short for "That is so drama!" which was supposed to be short for "That is so dramatic!" So I told them they were stupid. The end. Interpret that, too!

Sunday, November 14, 2004


I watched a little bit of American Music Awards earlier. It was horrible at best, but it contained lots and lots of snark-fodder, so it was all good.

Jessica Simpson spastically sang "With You." She sat on the steps leading down to the audience and breathed through the entire song and did the requisite hand motions, made famous by Mariah Carey and overused by Christina Aguilera. But the thing about her is her movements didn't match the rhythm of the song. It's like the song is going pam-pam-pam-pam, and her hands are going pampampampam. If you can understand that. Anyway, her hair was way to bleached and her extensions are so obvious. And when she's not pampampaming her hands, she's feeling herself up.

Anna Nicole Smith made an appearance. She was drunk and high and craaazzzy. And weird. And did I mention crazy? She crazily introduced Kanye West, or someone. And made crazy arm gestures and showed off her armpits and her boobs and made a pass at just about every guy in the place. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that in the process of lipoing her remaining fat that trimspa wasn't able to burn off, the surgeons also accidentally (or not) sucked off her brains. Something is definitely off with that woman. She's a fucking nutcase.

Kelly Ripa is ugly.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

news at 11

I have another current events quiz for Comm tomorrow. I hate current events quizzes. I rarely do well on them. Even at Bridget, I always failed at them. Anyway, to prepare, I have to read the LA Times. So far, I've only read 3 articles. One about murder at the Long Beach aquarium, one about the death of Yasser Arafat, one about Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger in Japan.

I've never been too emotionally involved with news stories, but the Long Beach story was an exception. A few nights ago, some idiotic middle-schoolers snuck in at the shark tank at the aquarium, and tortured a few of them to death. It was a really wrong thing to do, and I'm really sad. Sharks may not be the best creatures in the world, but still. Have some mercy! A lump was about to form in my throat, but I held it back. I can't show weakness at a time like this -- a time when innocent, captive sharks are being wrongfully victimized...

Contrast that with my reaction to the Yasser Arafat story. I just thought, "Uh, okay. Sucks for the Palestinians." Rather than have an emotional response to the story, my main concern was the article was too long, and that the time I spend poring through is taking away minutes I could use to read more interesting articles.

So I channeled my energy into the Schwarzenegger article. He's going to Japan to shoot a commercial, his earnings for which will be used to benefit funding of the California sumthing-sumthing. I wasn't surprised at all. I called for something like this to occur before he even won the election. And that's the only reason why I even clicked on the link. Sad.

I'm going to be such a good journalist.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I've become so numb...literally

Despite the fact that the entire left side of my body is numb from the stress of writing my paper and studying for my anthro quiz (which I haven't done yet, and probably won't do), tonight was nice.

I was able to chat with Thea for a while. I miss her a lot. Unfortunately, I probably won't be missing her at all at this moment had she called me a week or two ago, while she was here. In California. LA, specifically, for vacation. Beeyotch.

Currently, I'm chatting with Michelle, who is my cousin and who I haven't seen in forever. She's so smart and cool. I can't believe we're 20 now! She and Ate Jho, her sister, used to sleep over all the time when we were little and have all sorts of fun. We even used bathed together (Get your mind out of the gutter, Nasty McPervs! It was pure, childhood innocence.) I miss them so much, too.

Despite my desire to go to Europe, my first travel destination when we get our green card is Pinas. I'm going to see those guys really, really soon. I promise.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Yay! Ate Karen fixed it.

Thanks, Kar. You rock!

Tulong po

This stinks. I spent the last two hours trying to edit this blog. So far, it's gone okay. However, I'm having a hard time with the chatterbox. I want to put it below the links, but no matter where I paste it in the template, it ends up on where it is now, on top of the profile links. Gaaah!

I hate computers.


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Must-See TV Thursday

On ER:

Shane West is the ugliest, suckiest mofo ever! It is so fascinating to look at his face, because it has all the elements of good-lookingness (and, as far as I can remember, he was once good-looking), but all those elements are arranged just so that it freaks one out just staring at him. Fascinating indeed. Plus, I want to strangle him, sock him in the balls, and take his patient charts and hit him in the face repeatedly with it. Who knows, maybe it'll knock his facial features into place, so he's cute again.

Pratt's an ass.

New social worker is a biiiitch!

Hi, girl who was on Roseanne! You're annoying.

Still not liking Dubenko. He's weird.

Ooh, and The O.C.'s back! Yay!

Skul sux

Naiiyak na ko. My election story is due in 3 hours and I still haven't written anything. I don't want to do it!

Gaaah! This stinks.

I was cheered up a little by news that Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason will be released Nov. 12. That's like, what, next week? Because, yay! I'm pretty sure they messed up the story, though. By the looks of things, Daniel Cleaver's part is much more intrinsic in the movie. In the book he was only in 2 chapters. This means they've reduced Tom, Shazzer, and Jude's part to bits -- I was looking forward to seeing more of them, because they're lots of fun, especially when Bridget and Shazzer go to Thailand. We probably won't be seeing much of Mark Darcy, either. And I bet they took out the part where Bridget goes to Rome to interview Colin Firth. But still, I'll take any Colin Firth I can get -- as himself or Mark Darcy. Either way, I'm getting ready to drool.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Er, scratch that

Okay, nevermind. She wasn't a fucking bitch. I just talked to her, and she was pretty nice about it actually.

It was just a spur-of-the-moment rant. Forget I ever said anything.


Someone parked in my spot. Asshole. I feel like keying his/her tires, but that would mean he/she'd have to stay there longer.

Fucking bitch.

Pa-pa-ra-pa-pa, I'm luvin' it!

Okay, so that's the wrong theme song. Whatever.

Kandy had to make a speech for a class today, so naturally, she ditched school. I took her with me to do "research" on my election paper. We stopped by City Hall to get brochures on the mayoral candidates, then went to Vans to exchange my shoes. We finished at 10 a.m. We've been hankering for Jollibee breakfast for a couple of years now, and thought that this was perfect time to get some; we still had an hour before they stop serving them.

Anyway, they're selling sorbetes now. $0.99 for a 2-scoop sugar cone, which is a big, honking rip-off. How much would the same cost in Pinas? They had a "variety" of flavors: chocolate, ube, langka, macapuno. They ran out of chocolate and macapuno, so I was stuck with ube and langka. Two little, itty-bitty scoops of them. And it wasn't even soft serve, which, if I remember correctly, is what they're supposed to be like. I'm guessing they used regular Magnolia ice cream. And it wasn't perfectly placed on the cone, like how the mamang sorbetero dudes used to do it. These Jollibee servers need more training, if you ask me. To top it off, they had a normal freezer to store the sorbetes. None of those awesome carts with the colorful decorations, bells, and stuff.

What a disappointment. Heh.

I ditched school today. Again. I think my absences in American Studies outnumber the times I've actually shown up for class. And even then, I never paid attention. At least I've flipped through the books, though. That's gotta count for something, right?

Monday, November 01, 2004


I don't mean to sound anti-patriotic, but I'm totally bummed about the elections. Not only do I have to write an article about it, but I'm sure NBC will pre-empt Scrubs in place of their election coverage. I want my Scrubs, dammit! Besides, I can't seem to figure out what difference it would make if Bush or Kerry were the president. They both seem equally inept.

Weird call of the day: One of my last patrons at work. Before I even finished my "Thank you for calling The Center..." greeting, he's all, "Hi, I recently bought tickets for Oliver and I want to cancel it." I told him that our tickets are non-refundable cancellable, but we do offer exchanges if he was unhappy with the date. Him: "No, I don't want the tickets." Me: "Well, if you really don't want the tickets, your only other option is to give it away or sell it on yourself." Him: "I want my money back because I don't think it's fair that I had to pay the 9.5% service fee. Wouldn't that be enough reason for the refund?" Uh, no.

I unknowingly bought scented tampons today, so now my purse smells like tampons. Ew.